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Pharma & Biotech solutions

Scale equipment in the pharmaceutical manufacturing setting continues to play a critical and integral role in achieving quality and consistency objectives. By applying advanced weighing technologies to complex pharmaceutical blending and batching applications, manufacturers can enhance quality control, improve inventory management, increase throughput and reduce labor and other production costs.

Lab & Health Institute

We supply lab balances for high precision weighing of chemicals and substances from micrograms \ µg through to milligrams \ mg

Foods & Beverages

Weighing equipment and systems play a vital role in food and beverage production

SATHYAM can supply a wide range of scales and weighing equipment, specifically developed for this sector in terms of performance and mandatory requirements for health and safety.

Transport & Logistics

SATHYAM extensive range of weighing products plays an important role in all aspects of logistics.

Accurate weighing is essential to ensure correct vehicle load distribution and avoid over-loading. Weighing equipment also maintains accurate records of material movement and storage

Engineering Industries Manufacturing

SATHYAM extensive range of weighing scales, process weighing systems, instrumentation and software is ideally suited to a comprehensive spectrum of industrial manufacturing applications.

We supply weighing systems for sectors including engineering, steel manufacture, metal finishing, meta fabrication, paints & resins, paper, plastics & rubber.

Warehouse & packing

The market for warehouse weighing scales continues to expand, especially as warehouses adapt to serve changing environments. Whereas these scales were often thought of purely in large, industrial terms in years past, warehouse scales are now commonly used to measure everything from high-tech products to chemicals, packages, and machinery. Companies like us are devoted to meeting the increasingly diverse needs of warehouse operators, who are constantly engaging in new routines, distributing new products, and looking for new technologies.

Veterinary Institute (Animal Weighing)

Scales for use in Veterinary Clinics, Zoos and Animal Care facilities.
These scales feature the benefits of an ultra strong & sturdy floor platform structure with advanced yet easy to use extra functions.
These scales are ideal for weighing Animals, with the added benefits of a more durable \ stronger construction suitable for industrial weighing requirements – well built and designed to last many years.

Dairy Industries

We are considered as a renowned manufacturer and supplier of a large range of Milk Weighing Scale. The equipments are mainly used in dairy industry for measuring the weight of milk. Tested on varied quality parameters, Weight Bowls are offered by us in various customized options at market justified prices.

Suppliers of industrial, commercial and
medical weighing equipment